Lukas Pühringer

Lukas Pühringer is a research scholar and software developer at the NYU Center for Cyber Security (CCS), where he leads the development of The Update Framework (TUF), and has been co-maintaining several of Prof. Justin Cappos’ software projects, most notably the supply chain security framework in-toto. Lukas also supervises students and gives talks about TUF and in-toto.


“Our stuff” - how to protect users from package compromise with RSTUF
Kairo de Araujo, Lukas Pühringer

For many years the Update Framework (TUF) has been a prime reference for secure package delivery and updates. Despite its popularity, integration with existing package managers remains a challenging task.

Enter RSTUF: This new OpenSSF project has taken on the challenge to provide a generic TUF application, which primarily focuses on ease of adoption.

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